Clare Legere

While this beta project is based upon (and requires) the Instapaper plalform, it is much less about data, features or technology, and much more about the desire to promote self-awareness and personal growth. This project is about consuming information with a desire to become more knowledgeable instead of simply up-to-date on pop culture. In other words, we're not promoting more consumption of news, we're promoting enlightenment and the expansion of perspective. My hope is that viewing your reading habits provides self-awareness, while leveraging this data for new learning opportunities promotes personal growth for you and society.

Product Roadmap
- Weekly updates of your recently read articles
- Recommend new articles based on historical reading behavior

- Allow people to subscribe to what you're reading
- Allow you to find and connect with similar readers based on similar topics
- Connect your foursquare account to meet readers like you nearby (or maybe that cute girl in the coffee shop)

- Recommend contrasting articles on your current reading topics
- Recommend other content (such as TED, Khan Academy, Coursera, Charlie Rose and more)
- Article-a-Day challenge
- Review starred articles
- Lift integration
- Print your stories (starred, annual, etc.) via Lob
- Correlation between reading and journaling (DayOne), exercise & running (FitBit/Nike+/Jawbone) and visual creativity (instagram)

History & Naming
While researching the history of reading, I found that it was common practice to read aloud ("clare legere"), and aside from the occasional west village coffee shop or used book store, it's the opposite today. So I figured, what better name to have than a tool that allows you to read silently, but simultaneously share your articles and preferences "out loud". Also, being a read & share site, your profile is set to public unless you change it in the 'edit profile' section.

Here's an example of my own reading habits profile.
You can check out the data behind reading tumblr here.
Feel free to send thoughts or suggestions to stanleyyork[at]

A big thank you to Marco Arment (now Betaworks) for a great product, to Toby for all the coding help and Steve for the Instapaper gem. Established in 2013.

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